Success is a journey Not a destination… was created to showcase the greatest form of entertainment to the world. Our team is passionate and driven to provide nothing but the best of the Gaming industry. Our goal is to create Movements Across the Globe for Gamers. We are a collection of journalist from around the world teaming up to show that anything is possible and it all comes down to following your dreams. Many of us are creating video games or have goals to be in the gaming industry in different ways. With so much talent Ralphie Otero ask this group to come and become a Movement. we are a symbol, a Idea, a Dream to follow your heart and hope it inspires the world to do the same. Video games are more than just something we play, its a way of life, The greatest form of art and we hope to entertain you as we let this website take us where ever our hearts go. If you are a Publisher, investor, developer, Journalist, gamer, or just reading this message. we want you to enjoy our journey with us as we can strive for excellence so do you. Game On

Ralphie Otero
Owner of
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Game Journalist
Hi, I’m SlimMerc and I’m a Game Journalist here at MagGamer. I’m also a Twitch streamer (check me out Wed.-Sun. via, YouTuber and a proud father. Some of my favorite franchises are SOCOM, Monster Hunter and Battlefield.
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Christopher McFarland
Content Creator
I love video games… traveling to the worlds created by creators is something I will always enjoy. Forever will I be a player, Homo Luden. Was a US Army soldier in my past, but I retired a Veteran. Now, I want to unite the world through gaming. Stop fighting in the real world and pick up a controller to settle our quarrels. Ready for Virtual Reality in our future. Intend to watch and help Esports grow. I’ll be making videos, writing reviews, attending events, traveling the world and connecting with humanity! Much love…


Ashley MissyGotGame
Presenter and streamer
MissyGotGame (Ashley) has been a passionate gamer from Seattle, Washington since 1995. She has been a well-known Destiny streamer on Twitch for 2 years and has now expanded her audience with variety streaming to Beam, Hitbox, Youtube, and all social media platforms. She works hard as wife, mother of two, heavy-lifter, and now Air National Guard — while still making time and maintaining a respect and love for all games and platforms.

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We are a Movement Across the Globe for Gamers. We play what we love, say what we feel, Do what is right

Our goal is to unite the Art of gaming and make the world see that it is the greatest form of entertainment in the world.

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