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BlizzCon and (almost) Everything You Need To Know About It

BlizzCon and (almost) Everything You Need To Know About It
The number of games festivals have exponentially increased* over the years! *Numbers may not have exponentially increased, but it’s fair to say that gamers have indeed become a force to be reckoned with! We have a few in Denmark. Mostly we’re known for Nordic Game Jam, where participants each year go in groups and develop a game over 48 hours: showcase it and they might just win critical acclaim! (Nordic Game Jam is held in April: this year it’s from the 13th to 16th). We also have Game Scope, which is a growing games festival, more so catered to showcasing different games. (Game Scope is held in August) But, we’re not here to talk about “just any” games festival. Blizzard, as most of us, know as the father/ mother/ creator to the MMO genre: having dominated the ...


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