America’s Army: Proving Grounds

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America’s Army: Proving Grounds

Proving Grounds Review


A free to play game has just hit the PlayStation store just a few weeks ago and if you haven’t picked it up let me coax you into it.  First of all this is free to play, there is no pay to win, nothing to buy from stores, no add-ons what so ever.  The only gripe I have with the game is the servers have been hit or miss due to the massive influx of players over these past few weeks.  Everything had to be moved to peer to peer connections for the time being which still are not that bad at all.  My ping ranges anywhere from 23-103 which is playable for any shooter game.  So while I can still hang on P2P I’d much rather be spoiled with dedicated servers again.  Still the game runs smooth without them.

Ranking up in this game takes a lot of patience and time.  I’ve played quite a few matches and have only made it to PFC (which was my actual rank during my MEB).  Specialist is up next and I’m not sure how high it goes, but I’ll assume they at least have Sargent Major.  The guns also have ranks, the more kills / headshots you get with them the more things you unlock (sights and camo).  I’ve personally unlocked the M-14’s Veteran Rank and unlocked a new scope for the Marksmen class along with the war-torn camo for the rifle.  Weapons differ depending on which class you choose, you have four to pick from Riflemen, Automatic Riflemen, Designated Marksman, and Sniper.  Sniper class currently has only one bolt action sniper, Designated Marksman can use the M-14EBR-RI and M16A4 rifles.  Auto Riflemen can use the M249 Saw and lay down covering fire for the long range engagements while trying to pick up a downed battle buddy.  Riflemen have the most weapons to choose from the two rifles M4A1 and the M16 but they also can use a shotgun the Remington 870.  Now everyone spawns on the side of the US Army, however you enemies will always show up as Russian soldiers.  So you can pick up the Russian counterparts to the us weapons.  RPK, AK, Dragonov, etc…  Every class has their choice of Fog, Stun or regular grenades.  You also have a choice between two pistols M1911 and the M9.  That’s pretty much it for everything kit wise.  Oh and everyone has a medkit and are Combat Lifesaver Certified so reviving those battle buddies are a necessity unless their the regiment’s blue falcon!

There are four game modes currently.  VIP which one random player will be chosen to play the role of a high value target.  Enemy team will need to take out the player while the escort team will need to make sure their VIP can make it to the extraction point.  TH (take and hold) which is currently only set to one map where you’re out in the desert and can barely see 5 meters in front of you.  Pretty much like domination your team wants to take and hold three points on the map or eliminate the oppositional forces.  C4 you must take the C4 itself to one of two bomb sites and plant the bomb, make sure it detonates to win the round.  EX (extraction) there is either a flag or some Intel you need to pick up and take to and extraction zone designated on the map.  All modes you must either complete the objective or wipe out all enemies to be victorious.  You have one chance to be revived, but you can also be secured by an enemy before you get that chance, rendering you eliminated from the current round.  Everyone has a chance at two lives but truly only one life to give.  When revived you only have one quarter of the health that you started out with. The realism in this game is there.  Almost every weapon can drop an enemy in one well placed shot to the head.  You don’t regenerate health magically so watch your bar.  If it’s red you should bandage yourself to avoid further blood loss.

I personally have had tons of fun playing this game over the past few weeks.  A lot of intense matches and battles have happened.  Grenades get thrown and wipe out a whole team huddled in one room.  A lot of one vs all clutches have happened too.  Taking out five or six people while being the only person left leaves to exhilarating feelings.  I believe the most eliminations I personally received in one match was around 25, so if you can beat that let me know!   This game is regularly updated by developers who actively listen to feedback from the community on their SubReddit and Twitter .   They have stated that if there is enough interest in the game they would expand the maps and some of the gameplay itself so we shall see where it goes from here.  If you enjoy tactical first person shooters be sure to try this game out…Follow us everywhere

The Good

  • Free
  • Weapons
  • Sounds
  • Gameplay
  • Re-playablilty
  • Updates

The Bad

  • Limited Maps

Written by: Christopher "Visons" McFarland

I love video games... traveling to the worlds created by creators is something I will always enjoy. Forever will I be a player, Homo Luden. Was a US Army soldier in my past, but I retired a Veteran. Now, I want to unite the world through gaming. Stop fighting in the real world and pick up a controller to settle our quarrels. Ready for Virtual Reality in our future. Intend to watch and help Esports grow. I'll be making videos, writing reviews, attending events, traveling the world and connecting with humanity! Much love... -Peace

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