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Arma 3 is one of the most realistic military simulators, because it’s uncomfortable annoying and exhausting.


This being my second Arma game played in the series, the first being Arma 2, This review will have some comparing between the two, but I will try my best to keep it as if Arma 3 was your first in the series.

The controls are absolutely atrocious, with the character’s movements being as stiff as a rock, the gunplay being slow and choppy, and online play causing a lot of latency issues. Combine that with all the different convoluted options the character has, spread across the keyboard like a minefield, you will mean to throw a grenade but instead salute the enemy and get your head blown off.

The inventory system is much more convoluted then in the previous game, with everything having different carrying capacities and different inventories, so looting while being attacked is a complete no-go. Vehicle controls are almost completely different from the previous game, not saying that’s a bad thing, just that it will also take some getting used to.

For those of you who have played Arma 2, the physics are still just as awful, vehicles getting launched into the air just by touching a bridge, getting sucked out of the side of a building into enemy fire, this game has it all. Arma 3 really forces you to adapt to it’s rules of how the world works, which is not a very good sign from a “Realistic Military Simulator”.  A plus about this though, is that if you are playing with some good friends, you can get some real laughs out of the game, and it’s wacky mechanics. So if you are planning on buying this game, don’t buy it for the reason you should be. Don’t forget about your super computer though, as this game will run at a fairly consistent low 30 fps, with frequent drops. If you don’t spend thousands of dollars on a gaming pc or turn the graphics down to low, you’ll be having a lot of trouble staying above 20 fps, which is just absurd. Frame-rate issues aren’t a new thing in the Arma series, it’s just that you would expect a bit more optimization in the third.


I didn’t get much time with the single-player missions, but I did have enough to see that it wasn’t anything special. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t anywhere near bad, I would even say its pretty good, just the horrible gameplay causes my stomach to clinch up because of how much better it could have been. If you want some fun single-player military missions, just go play the Call of Duty or Battlefield single-player campaigns. They aren’t special either, but they will quench your thirst for shooting people. Custom missions can be fun if played cooperatively with friends, but they’ll get old after a while as well. If you’re going to play this with friends, you will probably just move into the multiplayer.


Like I said before, if you want your game to run at anything above 30 fps, you’ll need to keep the graphics quality low. Which is absolutely butt-ugly. From everything changing color as you get closer to it, to needless pop-in while traversing the landscape, to not being able to tell what ANYTHING is that is further than 100 feet from you. “If you care so much about graphics, then why don’t you just put it to ultra?” You might be saying, but even when you do decide to turn your graphics up, it’s still ugly as poo! Honestly it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but it still has something off about it, and combine it with the awful fps, and it’s vomit inducing!


I mentioned this briefly before, but the multiplayer is stunning, in a bad way. The gunplay is horribly slow, popping in and out of corners, windows, tiny little cracks in  nowheresville, which is really your only option because running up and being aggressive is not possible with the constant D-sync and latency issues causing everyone to be in this matrix style hellhole until one person falls over. So you have to sit and wait until somebody peaks their head out so you can shoot them, but you can’t tell whether on not something is a head half the time, as everything in the distance blends in with everything else!

There are two multiplayer maps in the base game, one being an absolutely enormous map, where half the time you will be running around trying to find another source of life in the barren wasteland. While the other map is a lot smaller but honestly pretty well done battleground, and most likely the only way you will want to play the multiplayer. There are dlc maps which I heard are decent, but I’m not gonna bother.

Maybe I just don’t understand the game because I’ve never been to war, maybe this is just how things are.


This might be the most frustrating game I have ever played, with it’s horrible gunplay, accompanied by controls that make you feel like you’re in a straight jacket, it really just makes you want to punch a dog. It feels like this game was designed to make every little minute task cause you stress beyond any other game imaginable. Along with the incessant yammering coming from the microphone by other players, it’s just impossible to enjoy.

Also, the DLC is just awfully implemented, because you can join a server with dlc items inside, and you will be able to see them, but unable to take them most of the time. SOMETIMES you can use them, but after a short period of time your entire screen will be filled with an annoying ad asking you to buy the dlc which will get you killed a lot. The DLC just being new guns, new vehicles, and some new maps, which doesn’t seem very worth it to me.


Okay, I do like some things about this game, but it doesn’t change anything about what I’ve stated thus far. The vehicles and guns are very well researched, and very cool design-wise. The sound design is actually probably the most impressive part of Arma 3, with every sound being very realistic, and alerts you quickly to any enemy presence. So if you do plan on playing this for a long time, I recommend you get good at the sounds so you can tell where enemies are and what they are doing. Really, that’s about all I believe is above average. Everything else you could find in other games, (like arma 2). This game at 40$ or higher is atrociously expensive, but if you can get it at a lower price it might be worth a few laughs.

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The Good

  • Interesting Weapons and Vehicles
  • Above Average Singleplayer
  • Well Designed Sound

The Bad

  • Horrible Controls and Interfaces
  • Bad Multiplayer
  • Terrible Gunplay
  • Awful Physics
  • Framerate Problems

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