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Float like a butterfly, sting like a noodle arm… man.

I’ve been playing fighting games for a while, and they’re quite fun for a little bit, but all fighting games seem to stagnate, no matter what kind of innovations they try to add. Unlike other genres, fighting games all have the same core mechanics (especially the 2d ones…) that don’t differentiate at all. Some exceptions like Super Smash Bros. do exist, but they are very few and far between. It’s not too bad for a competitive scene though, as it allows every player to be mostly familiar with most of the mechanics and gameplay of these games, so everyone gets a fair chance. This does, however, create an environment of the best of the best, and the losers who barely know the buttons, who will just quit after a few losses.

Arms, however, says screw all that, and creates an environment where you can go from the worst to the best, in a matter of hours. The low amount of functions and mechanics actually cause a lot more depth than you would think, and allows the gameplay to be easy to learn, hard to master. This is perfect for anyone who wants to get into a fighting game, as you don’t have to know every combo available to stand a chance in online, just pick your bread and butter, learn the basics, and you will win quite a few just starting off. I haven’t played for the longest of time, but from what I’ve seen, each character and arm is balanced to make fights fun and competitive.

The online is very simple and easy to use. All you have to do is join a little party, where you will get matched with other players in different random gamemodes, just so it’s easy to practice your skills with real people online, instead of having to fight cpus until you’re good enough for online. I haven’t experienced any latency issues, and you’ll get paired very quickly and easily with other players for a quick bout.

There is a ranked mode as well, which will pair you with other players around your skill level, and you can rise through the ranks through that. The matchmaking allows you to play while it searches for opponents, which is a nice little addition.

Arms sticks with the default fighting gamemodes, like a small area to fight ten consecutive opponents for unlockables and fighting a boss at the end. Another is versus mode, and practice modes for fun, but what really stands out, is the new battles unique to arms, like volleyball, basketball and Skill Shot, (V-ball, Hoops and Skill Shot ) which are pretty interesting in their own right.

Volleyball is a one on one or two on two match, where you punch the ball into the other persons side until it drops to the ground. Basketball is another one, where you must throw your opponent into the hoop to score points (similar to basketball). These are both alright, but both of them don’t really involve as much strategy as just straight up fighting, because it kind of just becomes an either punch or grab-fest, because thats all you really need to do. In basketball, grabbing or hitting the enemy with your special, automatically results in gaining points, so there isn’t much strategy to it, making them fun little party games mostly.

In Skill-shot you must hit more targets than your opponent, as well as try to hit your opponent. This is probably the most interesting of the three, but it still isn’t amazing.

Team battles mostly play out the same way as regular ones, but with more mayhem. My real gripe with this is the little string that keeps you tethered to your teammate, so it’s a stupid 3 legged race while you are fighting. This does add for a lot more cooperation between teammates, but if your teammate sucks than you are probably gonna suck too, cause you get carried around in their antics.

Getting and using different arms adds for a lot more depth between each character, as any character can use any arm, (as long as you unlock them.)

Motion controls aren’t the best they could be, but I don’t know how I would improve them, so it’s hard to make that criticism. I don’t mean they are horrible, just not the best way to play in my opinion.


As much as I have said negative things about the different battle modes, they are still fun and good for practicing your skills on. Another new IP for the Nintendo Switch is redefining a genre of games, and I would even say this, the new Zelda, and other games planned for the Switch, are enough to justify a purchase (If you can find one.) This is an overall above average game, with many little quirks and interesting diversions, that make this game worth buying even if you aren’t a big fighting game fan. The online is quick and simple, as well as very tight and lag-less. Motion controls are a little sloppy, kind of restricting you to using the buttons, but its still very fun even without actually throwing punches. So far this year, Arms¬†is by far the best fighting game available, (if not the only one available.)

This game portable is so easy and fun to play, I just get lost in it.Follow us everywhere

The Good

  • Interesting, Surprisingly Deep Gameplay
  • Simple Online with No Latency Issues
  • Interesting and Unique Characters
  • Redefines the Fighting Game Genre

The Bad

  • Monotonous Forced Gamemodes
  • Sloppy Motion Controls

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