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Breaking the Law

Lawbreakers Review


     Okay, I’ve played this game since early alpha stages and I’ll start off by giving Cliff and the rest of the team a round of applause from around the world!  This game is what some FPS players have asked for since early Unreal Tournament days.   Anti-Gravity in a shooter?!  Like magnets, we ask ourselves how does this work?   “Very carefully!”
In all seriousness, the anti-gravity makes traversing the map smooth once mastered.  I have seen a ton of beginners lose their cool and plummet into the abyss.  However, It doesn’t take long to figure out how to use this to your advantage, whether in gun-fights, escaping one, or trying to get that Blitzball into the goal.







The maps like the one above are full of open spaces for team battles, and small corridors and rooms to take the fight 1v1.  Anti-Gravity (AG) fields are generally in the center of each map, a giant area to do battle in.  Whether you’re getting the Blitzball, Battery, or trying to dominate that B site, all of the aforementioned will be in that AG field.  Making the battles take place in the center is a great idea.  They took things a few steps further and prevented spawn trapping as well.  Making it impossible to get into an opponent spawn area on most occasions.   There are six current maps in the game with more to come.  Trench, Grandview, Mammoth, Reactor, Station, Vertigo, and Promenade (pictured above).  A great variety of setups in each of them there are plenty of ways to take to the fight.





There are 9 different roles in LawBreakers.  Assassin, Battle Medic, Enforcer, Gunslinger, Harrier, Juggernaut, Titan, Vanguard, and Wraith.  Every role has two sides, The Law, or the Breakers.  Other than visual aesthetics, and voices there isn’t much of a difference between the two sides.  Same weapons and abilities, there is no difference in them.  There is no limit to how many of one class each team has.  I’ve seen a team all play as Gunslingers once, and a team full of Titans another.  Which ever class you feel like playing you have that option so Kudos to Boss Key for thinking that through properly.  No more dodging queue’s because someone took your role.  I’ve played as every single role just to thoroughly test the mechanics of this game.  My favorite is hard to choose, I’m partial to Kintaro (Breaker Enforcer) because of the Boss Skin I had unlocked with him.  Every single role is worth playing and changing, which is another awesome adaptation.  You can literally change your role in the game if you are just constantly dying.  During your respawn time, you have the option to change your role giving you a possible advantage over your opponent.  In competitive play, this is key to winning sometimes.  The constant change of strategies will probably be the way most competitive teams play.  I urge all competitive players to learn every role in this game.  Better to know how to Launch yourself across the map with that Titan’s massive base health, instead of zip lining across with the tender Assassin’s during those must need game crunching moments.  All in all every role in this game is well rounded.  Makes it easy for anyone to pick up and learn every role this game has to offer.


Game Modes


Currently, there are four different game types in LawBreakers.

Uplink which is a game type where you fight for the satellite in the middle of the map.  Grab it and take it to your base.  Once loaded in your begin transmission.  100% and a 20-second countdown will begin.  Hold it for that time and you’ll win one point.  First, to three points wins the match.  Easy game type with a few intense moments.

Overcharge much like uplink there is a battery in the center of each map.  Grab that battery, take it back to your bases charging station and begin to charge that sucker up to 100%.  The enemy can come and grab that battery at any point in time so holding onto it is key.  I’ve taken a battery that was fully charged with 5 seconds to go on their timer (same 20-second countdown) and uploaded it into my base to take the game winning point.  Another mode where first to three points win.

Turf War in this game mode there are three zones in each map.  One by your spawn, one in the middle of the map, and then one close by the enemies spawn area.  Each zone you grab you get one point added to your total score.  16 points to win here in this match.  There is a short intermission between each round of captures.  Gives your team time to wipe out the enemy side and procure all three zones, if you’re that greedy!

Blitzball is my favorite game mode.  A ball (Voiced by Justin Roiland) spawns in the middle of the map, fight for it, break down its shield and run it into the enemies base.  That’s right this time you have to run that thing into your enemies base to score.  Not amazingly difficult unless the whole team is there waiting for you to run on through.  First to eight points wins here.  I’ve seen games last a few minutes while others run for what seems like forever.  Either way, this is the game mode most players prefer to duke it out in.  Shoving the ball down the throats of enemies never felt so good!  This game mode is so good they even made an entire map just for it!

Gateway is a new map just announced



My Thoughts

In closing let’s summarize everything.  The game is a post-apocalyptic scenario.  25 years after a great distortion in the Earth’s gravitational field.  The law still exists, but so do the ones trying to break it.   Fight on either side.  Take on the Law, or be the Law.  Whichever way, you’ll have fun playing this game.  For the $39.99 price point, I encourage every FPS fan to grab a copy and get a feel for the fast paced action LawBreakers has to offer.  Take time and feel the game out, don’t give up because for the first ten games you can’t get but four kills.  It takes some getting used to, as it is different from anything previously released to this day.  So go out have some fun, take some aggression out.  Play it!

The competitive potential for this game is certainly there.  So I’d like to eventually see teams want to get into this game and sponsor some players for an eventual world championship.  That is ultimately up to Boss Key though as this is their game.  What they say goes… and as I write this review it seems as though they have read my thoughts.  Just announced Competitive Ranked Mode: Boss Leagues… Coming later this year!  I for one am pumped about this news being a huge competitive gaming fan.  Let’s see how Boss Key handles the competitive side of this game.


Check out the news about the updates coming in the future for LawBreakers

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The Good

  • Amazing Visuals
  • Balanced
  • Competitive
  • Superb Audio
  • Smooth Online Gameplay
  • Great Maps
  • Fun Gametypes
  • $39.99
  • Always patched (weekly updates)
  • Cliff Bleszinski

The Bad

  • Lack of Players

Written by: Christopher "Visons" McFarland

I love video games... traveling to the worlds created by creators is something I will always enjoy. Forever will I be a player, Homo Luden. Was a US Army soldier in my past, but I retired a Veteran. Now, I want to unite the world through gaming. Stop fighting in the real world and pick up a controller to settle our quarrels. Ready for Virtual Reality in our future. Intend to watch and help Esports grow. I'll be making videos, writing reviews, attending events, traveling the world and connecting with humanity! Much love... -Peace

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