PES 2018 Review – Part 1

  Today, we’re reviewing Konami’s latest release of footballing brilliance in the form of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018. As a huge fan of the series, September is the best time of year, because it’s always time to see what Konami have been working on throughout the year. The development team

Featured Youtuber: Codex Entry

I have watched a lot of videos of people over-analyzing games. Game Theory, Extra Credits, and many other channels are examples of slowly and meticulously picking apart every little detail in a video game, to make up some long drawn out conclusion from left field. Most of these, while they are

Weekly Featured Youtuber: SuperButterBuns

Weekly Featured YouTuber Spotlight Bio SuperButterBuns is a video game youtuber, who focuses mostly on Playstation and PC games, but doesn’t limit herself to those. Her main series: “For Beginners”, is a series about giving an overview of a game and explaining core mechanics, as well as having a comedic


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