MGO Tournament july 16th event

We will be Broadcasting the tournament Live sunday, July 16th 2pm est. Watch here This tournament will be for PS4 players only, Individual sign ups. This event will have 3 mini tournaments within them one full event. Best of 5 series will take place for the three modes. Excursion,


Excursion teaser trailer Objective In this game mode players attacking teams objective is to escort POW to DZ which is right on the Enemy HQ or eliminate all enemy threats. Defending team must kill POW to win instantly or eliminate all enemy threats. Setup Team solid attacks first. 6 on

NBA Live 18 Reveal Impressions

NBA Live 18 We all aspire to be more than we are from the moment we are born we start to want more and do more with time we have picked up billions of small information that helps us shape ourselves into who we want to be. Sometimes life forces


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