Until Dawn – When a Game is Cinematic

I avoided Until Dawn for quite a while, at first because I thought it was about zombies (I’m tired of zombies,) and afterward because I thought it was a David Cage game. I finally decided to check it out after getting tired of the countless¬†indie puzzlers in my queue (hey,

An Interview with a Gutter Nerd

While at the ‘Let’s Play Gaming Expo‘ on August 6th, I got the chance to have a great little interview with the Gutter Nerds, a group of like-minded Twitch streamers and gamers. At their booth, I got to sit down for a chat with Steven, often the public face of

The Definition of ‘RPG’

About ten years ago, I was the kind of gal that felt the need to prove my video game cred, so on my personal sites I’d list my favorite games in my profile. One time I got a message from a guy that said, ‘Hey, do you play anything other


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