EA Play Live Press E3 Conference 2018

For those that need a quick rundown on what happening in EA Play Live Press Conference 2018 on 9 June 2018,  we break it down to you into a simple list.

First off ,  Battlefield 5 was introduced.

The story will be set in World War 2.


Next is FIFA19,


Half way to the show, Origin Access Premier was promoted.

Next, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was announced that developers are revamping the game which will include new squad system, new star fighter mode, new sandbox experiences and new characters and planets.

Coming up is Unravel 2 which is released on 9 June 2018


A new mysterious type of game : Sea of Solitude was introduced.


As usual , NBA Live 2019 make its appearance.


And Madden NFL 19


Mobile game : Command & Conquer Rivals


Last but not least, the most anticipated game : Anthem



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