It’s a Longshot

    Madden NFL 18 Longshot

Madden NFL 18 will finally have a proper story mode added to its core game. Just a few moments ago we got our first look at what’s coming up in this franchise. I for one am very impressed to see them branch into NCAA a bit more than some draft choices. Now the trailer shows a gentleman named Wade accepting a spot on one of the 32 NFL teams. Generally, you are able to customize your characters in Madden so assumptions would lead us to say that you’d be able to here as well. Maybe not necessarily change the name due to audio constraints but possibly change the player’s appearance to your liking. Either way, I’m excited to try out this cinematic experience. Stay tuned here for more Madden NFL 18 news and coverage of E3!

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Written by: Christopher "Visons" McFarland

I love video games... traveling to the worlds created by creators is something I will always enjoy. Forever will I be a player, Homo Luden. Was a US Army soldier in my past, but I retired a Veteran. Now, I want to unite the world through gaming. Stop fighting in the real world and pick up a controller to settle our quarrels. Ready for Virtual Reality in our future. Intend to watch and help Esports grow. I'll be making videos, writing reviews, attending events, traveling the world and connecting with humanity! Much love... -Peace

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