Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 is a game, released in 2009, developed by… well, here’s where my sources vary, but both Vicarious Visions and Zoë Mode are mentioned as developers. The publisher, however, is uniformly noted as Activision. I have already talked very little about this game


Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Bringing Awesome Back! It’s time to bring back something, which I initially missed out on because of reasons unknown to me. But it’s okay because in the latest PS Store sale both of Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 are on sale for just (about) $22 — and


Mad Max

A Brief History of Mad Max Mad Max started as an action franchise, created by George Miller and Byron Kennedy. Mad Max was set in dystopian future in Australia where the series’ protagonist was Max Rockatansky: a police officer in a world that’s been succumbed to a societal collapse because of war


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