feels Video Games are the greatest form of Entertainment and we will start this site with News, reviews, shows and all the latest in the video game industry. We have plans to expand our movement by Hosting Live events across the world and getting all gaming communities engaged by sharing our passionate love for Video Games in creative ways. Look for Latest news, shows, events and more as we build this team of Dedicated Gamers.

Recruited from all over the world, they shown so much love for gaming and such great content is excited to showcase them and all their hard work. Our hope is the world sees Real Gamers doing extraordinary things and supports the Movement Across the Globe.

Outside of the normal site projects, I am filming a documentary at E32017 to showcase the gaming industry and how its become the most powerful form of entertainment in the work. We also have a comic book in the works what will tie into my video game I am writing. all these dreams and goals are yours to support and help become true. Thank you for your support.

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