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EVO Announces 9th Title

It’s Mahvel!   That’s right EVO 2017 had announced a few weeks ago that the ninth and final game that will be played on stage will be voted on by the fans.  The game that received the most donations would be declared the winner.  The highest donated game flip flopped

For Honor: From Alpha To Closed Beta (My Analysis)

For Honor is a third person tactical hack and slash created by the developers at Ubisoft Montreal. The game gives the players the option to join one of three factions (Knights, Samurais and Vikings), but does not limit the player to the classes that respectively represent each faction. The game

NieR is NeaRing

Nier is an action RPG with multiple gameplay mechanics found in other game genres. It is also a spin off of the Drakengard series. Developers Cavia and publishers Square Enix helped bring the game to life releasing it worldwide April 2010 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Though the game


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