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The Treats of January 2018

With the year a new and still at its very beginning, games are ready to storm the month of January. Let’s take a look at some games I believe you should keep an eye on this month. Metal Gear Survive Beta Regardless of the past discrepancies with Konami MGS and

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT – The Summons

The summons (or Espers) have been one of the key features in the Final Fantasy franchise. They can be called upon during fight; but how to acquire the summons has not been made known. Most probably the team of fighters will need to fight for it. The summons will also

Toy Story World Joins Kingdom Hearts 3

This past weekend was an exciting time for both Disney fanatics and gamers – D23 Expo, held at Anaheim’s Convention Center, gave us a peek at the Mary Poppins reboot, scenes from Avengers: Infinity Wars, another look into Insomniac’s Spiderman game, and of course, what a lot of people have


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