July 11, 2020


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Cluedo with a twist – Werewolf (終極狼人殺)

I was not keen to download this game to my android phone at first ;being that the game itself does not received good ratings lately.
Curiosity has overcame me and against my better judgement, I installed it , played it and addicted to it.

The game is very simple and yet very devious.
Simple is because the interface is very clear cut; just get into a virtual room, wait for the role assignment and “Game On !”
Devious is because you will never know whether you are the hunter or the hunted and trust is an issue during the game play with other players.

The basic game play is simple, 10 people will lock on and be ready for the game to start.

Each will be given specific roles , and the objective of the game is to find out who are the werewolves and killed them before the werewolves kill all the others.

Each player will have time to speak out, either causing confusion or distrust, while others are trying to convince that they are not the werewolves or other identities.

On every night, the werewolves are given a chance to kill off others; while the witch will either use the potion to save herself or to poison others and the fortune teller will have a chance to identified the roles of one player at a time.

It is a harsh game where you might pick the wrong guy to kill off. The sense of accomplishment is great but so is the sense of frustration if you cannot complete the objective. It is a game worth your time and you can meet and add new friends while you at it.

My word of advise : do not play the game before sleep, you might have a hard time letting it go.


Below are the basic characters for the game, (Thanks to the publisher for the below info and pictures)



They have no special skills. Their only weapons are their ability to analyze behaviors so as to identify werewolves and show the strength of their conviction in avoiding being executed .


2.The Fortune Teller

Each night, he/she discovers the true personality of a player of his/her choice. He/she must help the other villagers, but must remain discreet so that he/she isn’t unmasked by the werewolves.


3.The Witch

She knows how to brew 2 extremely powerful potions:
-a healing potion, to save the player killed by the werewolves
-a poison potion, used at night to eliminate a player
The witch can only use each potion once per game. She cannot use both potions on the same night. The witch can use the healing potion for her own benefits, and thus heal herself if she is devoured by the werewolves.


4.The Hunter

If devoured by the werewolves or executed (unfortunately) by the players, the hunter must respond  immediately by eliminating another player of his choice before dying.


5.Cupid (applicable in advanced level room)

By shooting his famous magic arrows, cupid has the power to make 2 people fall in love forever.
During the first night, which is basically a preparation turn, cupid choose the 2 players who will be lovers.
Cupid can, if he wants, choose himself as one of the two lovers.
If one of lovers is eliminated, the other one immediately dies of sorrow.



Each night, they devour a villager. During the day, they try to hide their nocturnal identities to avoid reprisal.


The game is only in Chinese version and the English version will be released soon.

To download the game ( Chinese version) on IOS or Android, you can scan their QR code


You can click on the link for their official Facebook page.

Will update again once the English version is released.