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God of War Ragnarok Old Friends Walkthrough

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Old Friends is the third main quest (path) in God of War Ragnarok. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the Old Friends Main Quest (Path).

Requirement: Complete The Quest for Tyr
Reward: 750 Atreus XP
Quest Info: Tyr didn’t know anything! But I just know Freya can help us – Mimir said it himself. I bet she can be reasoned with. Just gotta find where she is in Midgard…


  • Enter the Mystic Gateway
  • Speak with Jormungandr
  • Head back to the Mystic Gateway
  • Speak with Freya
  • Return home to Sindri’s
  • Travel to Alfheim

Enter the Mystic Gateway

This will be the first time you are controlling Atreus, starting outside of Sindri’s house. Head out front to the Mystic Gateway and interact with it to automatically be taken to Midgard.

Speak with Jormungandr

Follow Sindri on the path leading down the cliffs. You’ll reach a gate blocking your path, with two sound stone circles on it. While playing as Atreus you can shoot normal arrows infinitely using  , or special arrows using  , with the same recharge time as when playing as Kratos. Shoot both spots with Sonic Arrows to open a hole in the gate and continue through.


Follow the path to the lower level and continue on the path. If you watch to the right there are two ledges you can climb up, with a Materials Chest at the top behind some golden ore. Move to the left side of the ore and you can shoot a pot through a gap to clear the way, allowing you to obtain 2 x Rawhide from the chest.

Drop back down and continue following Sindri along the path. When you reach the broken statue arm you’ll need to find your way through. First, you need to shoot the sound stone that is on the top left of the arm.


Once that is out of the way, go back up the way you just came and look down towards the arm on the right. Inside there is another spot you can destroy, creating a hole you can crawl through.


In the next area, you’ll need to fight enemies for the first time. You can use Atreus’ bow in combat, or attack enemies with basically the same basic attacks as Kratos. You can also direct Sindri to attack enemies with  (the same as directing Atreus to shoot while playing as Kratos).

Once all the enemies are defeated you can continue towards the door structure ahead. Interact with the spot the crank should be and Sindri will place one, which you can then interact with to take the elevator up.


Head back to the Mystic Gateway

After the scene with Jormungandr, interact with the large door to continue.


Speak with Freya

You’re not heading home yet, you’re first going to try speaking to Freya. When going through the door, take an immediate right before heading into the cave to find a Materials Chest containing 2x Rawhide and 3 x Beast Scraps.


Continue down the path into the cave. You’ll reach a spot where some more Draugr will appear. Deal with them, then you can shoot some a pot hanging from the ceiling, followed by the one direct beside the Materials Chest, allowing you to obtain 2 x Forged Iron and 4 x Beast Scraps.

To the left of the chest a couple more Draugr will appear, and you can shoot the sound stone on the wall to break a hole that you can go through.


Drop into the next area and Sindri will decide to stay behind. Climb the nearby walls and follow the path around the left side. Watch on the ledge across where you’ll encounter your first ranged Draugr. These throw balls of fire that can be blocked or parried, then easily taken out with Atreus’ bow. Alternatively, shoot the bred pot beside the enemy to deal with it quickly.

When ready to continue, interact with the wall on the right to continue climbing.


Keep following the linear path, dealing with the Draugr that appear in your way. You’ll reach a spot with some wood and golden ore blocking your way. To get through, first shoot the sound stone on the wooden barrier in the middle.


Look through the hole to the right where you can spot a fire pot. Shoot it to destroy the golden ore to the right.


Walk around to the right side that the ore was blocking, then you can shoot some sound stone followed by the red pot to destroy the golden ore on the left. This allows you reach a Materials Chest containing 2 x Forged Iron and 4 x Beast Scraps.


Go back to the middle wooden wall where you can jump to the opposite side, then climb up to the next area.


You’ll have some more Draugr to deal with now. To quickly deal with the one shooting you from above you can shoot the sound stone on the bottom of the platform they’re on to drop them.


Jump to the wall on the far side to continue climbing further.


The path splits in two here. First, you can go to the left to find a Materials Chest containing 2 x Rawhide and 6 x Beast Scraps. Then you can go back and keep following the path to the right.


Watch out in the hallway for a new type of enemy, called Nightmares. These enemies are basically floating eyeballs, and typically either attack with range or by exploding near you. They are fairly weak, so can be taken out with a quick arrow.


Keep following the path outside, then back inside. In the next open room, you’ll have to deal with another group of Draugr before continuing. Watch for the ranged ones on the left.


To open the Materials Chest on the right, walk around the back of the wall where you can spot a pot on the upper ledge. This destroys the ore out front, allowing you to obtain 2 x Slag Deposits and 3 x Beast Scraps.


Keep following the path left, dealing with the Nightmares and Draugr that appear. There will be one more Materials Chest directly in your path, containing 2 x Forged Iron and 5 x Beast Scraps.


You can speak with Sindri over the edge if you want, then climb the edge and go through the door. Follow the path ahead and climb down the cliff for a long scene.


Return home to Sindri’s

After the scene is done, you can climb the chain ahead to make your way back to Sindri. Watch on the left shortly after you climb up for a Legendary Chest where you can obtain the Sonic Aftershock accessory. Accessories can be equipped to Atreus to change some of his bow effects both while playing as him and Kratos.


Keep following the linear path, climbing down the cliffs to reach the lower level. When you reach a blockage in the cave you can shoot the sound stone to return to where Sindri was waiting.


After speaking with Sindri a Draugr will break through the nearby wall to attack. This is your first encounter with a Draugr Brute, who like prior Brute versions is stronger then normal, along with being able to use both melee and ranged attacks.


Deal with it and the other enemies that appear, then take the path through where the Brute appeared from. You’ll end up back in the area with the statue arm. Deal with all the Nightmares that appear, then you can take the path back through the arm.


Keep following the path back to the Mystic Gateway. There will be a handful of more enemies that appear, then you can interact with the elevator handle to fix it, allowing you to take the elevator directly up to the gateway.


At the house interact with the front door to head inside.

Travel to Alfheim

After the scene is complete and you switch back to Kratos, make your way outside back to the Mystic Gateway when you’re ready to continue. You’ll meet Ratatoskr, who provides you with an extra Yggdrasil Seed, allowing you to travel to Niflheim for some side content. When you want to continue the story, select Alfheim and head there.


This finishes Old Friends in God of War Ragnarok.



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We got you covered for all things God of war Ragnarok Click for walkthrough

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