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God of War Ragnarok: The Word of Fate Walkthrough

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After you’ve been Into the Fire, it’s time to learn The Word of Fate. At the beginning of this quest, you can listen to Tyr and Freya’s conversation around the dinner table. There’s a chest next to the Huldra Brothers’ shop you can open for some Hacksilver and Dwarven Steel. You can also upgrade your equipment at this point if you want to. There are a couple of new Accessories and Enchantments available, so take a bit of time to stock up and prepare yourself. Once you’re done, head outside, and Brok will stop you. Sindri will return your repaired Guardian Shield to you. As you head to the Mystic Gateway, you can speak to Ratatoskr. Then head through the Mystic Gateway to Midgard.

Head down the hill, from Kratos’ house, and prepare his sled. Open the gate and climb aboard the sled. The wolves have the scent of the Norns, so it’s time to track them down. The path is quite linear, so enjoy the sled ride, until you reach the Lake of Nine. Once you’re on the Lake of Nine, the wolves will bark and turn their head in the direction of the scent, so follow their lead. You’ll end up heading roughly to the east, where you’ll end up having to unmount the sled in order to climb a wall.

You’ll end up dropping down into King’s Grave, where you’ll immediately be ambushed by Raiders. There’s a Fierce Ogre in here, which you can mount once you’ve done enough damage and use to obliterate everyone else. Be careful of some of the Raiders, though, because they have frost shields you’ll need to burn away with the Blades of Chaos. Once you’ve defeated everyone, interact with the broken grave stone in the centre of the arena. You’ll pick up the Inert Hilt of Skofnung, which must be repaired before it can be used. Collecting it will cause a ripple, shattering a wall of ice, and allowing you to progress forward.

There’s a red chest on the left with Hacksilver and Dwarven Steel inside, so be sure to collect that. Then allow Freya to break down the wall just to the right of the chest. It’s a false trail unfortunately, so return to the wolves and climb back aboard the sled. Follow the wolves’ scent again, by paying attention to the direction they’re looking. They’ll lead you to The Lost Treasury. There’s a Nornir Chest you can open here if you desire to. You’ll also find a Legendary Chest with a Folkvangr Whetstone inside and an Accessory named Sigil Punishment. If you turn around and break the chains, preventing Freya from getting in the building, you’ll also start a new Favour named Sigrun’s Curse, so use Sigil Arrows to burn down the vines and tackle that now if you like. Alternatively, get back on the wolves and continue the search for the Norns. Travel past a ship graveyard in the west, and follow Freya forwards.

Freya will want to look behind another wall, so when you’re ready, let her. It’s a dead-end. There’s a Mystic Gateway here to the left, but be careful when approaching it, as you’ll be ambushed. Deal with the Frost Gradungr and the various Raiders who appear, then return to the sled. If you want to stick around in this area, then The Derelict Outpost is above. This time the wolves will lead you north of the Lake of Nine. There’s another Nornir Chest here, so light the first brazier on the right if you want to do that, then climb the wall. You’ll get a Horn of Blood Mead for your troubles. At the top of the wall, Kratos will smash through the ice and you’ll enter another arena with more enemies.

Keep climbing up the wall. If you turn around behind you immediately at the top, you’ll spot one of Odin’s Ravens perched on the side of the cliff face. Scattered around a camp are more Raiders, so be sure to dispatch of them swiftly. There’s a red chest up here with Dwarven Steel and Hacksilver inside. Once you’ve grabbed it, catch up with Freya and wait for her to open up the wall, so you can enter a cave. Looks like you’re finally on the tail of the Norns! Follow the path and on the right burn the bramble with the Blades of Chaos so you can begin ascending the wall. On the bridge at the top, you’ll fight your first Traveller, a particularly challenging foe who’ll try to obscure your vision by holding up a stone and charging it up. This causes a ripple effect once triggered that you’ll need to defend, too. Open the yellow chest and red chest once you’re done, and continue on.

Once you get back outside, you’ll be ambushed by Light Elves, so take them out. Follow the path and up onto an ice bridge, where more foes inevitably await. A little further up the path, you’ll meet your first Ice Nightmare, as well as a Hel-Revenant. Open the yellow chest at the end of the path for some more Hacksilver. Then climb up the wall, but brace yourself.

Boss Fight: How to Beat Frost Phantom

The Frost Phantom is a fairly straightforward boss to beat. First you need to target the rune that’s floating about. Instruct Freya to fire arrows at it, and attack it with your axe while it flashes. It’ll perform some tail strike moves you can deflect, but be sure to dodge roll out of the way when it leaps into the snow. Build up its stun meter until it’s full, then rush over to one of the purple monoliths that emerge. Break it to do damage. You need to repeat this twice to win the fight. The beast will drop a Jewel of Yggdrasil, as well as a Chaos Flame, and a ton of resources.

Lift the stone blocking the path to continue onwards. Shortly after climbing up the wall, you’ll find a red chest on your right, so open that for more Hacksilver and Stonewood. Go into the cave and climb across the wall. Once you reach the bottom, you’ll happen upon an ominous looking door. Head through and watch what unfolds. You’ll be ambushed by many Draugrs, so take them out. You’ll eventually end up face-to-face with Mimir, this time back in his tree. Interact with him. You’ll be attacked by Hel-Revenants and Nightmares, as well as Reavers. Grab Mimir’s head and you’ll be transported to another dreamscape.

Defeat the enemies that ambush you and then rush towards the house, where Atreus and Odin are waiting. You’ll wake up outside the door you just tried to open, before all of the dreams, so head on through. You’ll emerge at the Well of Urd. Climb aboard the Kelpie, or horse. Unexpectedly, it’ll take you deep underwater, so enjoy the ride.

Go up the steps, to the golden threaded curtain, and watch the cutscene. Once it’s over, climb back aboard the Kelpie to return to the surface. It’s time to head back to your sled, so enter the cave, collecting the Hacksilver from the corpse along the way. To the right is a red chest you can open for Dwarven Steel. Climb up the wall and open the yellow chest to your right. There’s another red chest with Honed Metal inside just around the corner, too.

Break through the wall that Freya points to and make your way back outside. Continue to make your way down, until you reach a rope you can abseil. There’s some Hacksilver you can collect in this area, so grab it before making your descent all the way down to the sled with your wolves. There’s loads you can do in the Lake of Nine, so stick around for as long as you like. If, however, you want to continue the story, head through the Mystic Gateway and return to Sindri’s House.

Once you return to Sindri’s House, speak with Ratatoskr. He’ll want you to bring Lindwyrms back to him, which will trigger a new Favour named The Lost Lindwyrms. Collect the trap he gives to you to get started with that. Then enter the house when you’re ready. Speak with Brok and Sindri to learn of the next step in your quest. Speak with them a second time, and watch the cutscene. Once the cinematic is over, head outside and prepare for travel to Svartalfheim. Once you step out of the Mystic Gateway, you’ll begin Forging Destiny.

God of War Ragnarok: The Word of Fate Objectives

  • Travel to Midgard
  • Find the wolves at the kennel
  • Open the gate
  • Follow the wolves to the Norns
  • Continue tracking the Norns
  • Return to the wolves and continue tracking the Norns
  • Find the Norns at the Well of Urd
  • Leave the Norns

God of War Ragnarok: The Word of Fate Rewards

  • Kratos: 4,500 XP
  • Freya: 4,500 XP

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