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April 19, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

All-Star Charity Weekend

All-Star Charity Weekend Presents ALL-Star Weekend Charity, A event to raise money for Boston Children’s hospital through a charity site helping hospitals around the world raise money. Our goal is simple keep supporting the cause year around and with your help we can do this.


This All-Star Weekend happens the first weekend of every month and we feature great streamers who volunteer to bring awareness to helping raise money for the charity. We will have a list of Streamers you can enjoy during the weekend fun and hopefully spread the word to the world about the charity and its purpose. We ask viewers to engage with Streamers and share this as often as possible. WIth your support we come together and build this charity event to raise money for Children’s Hospital.

we will have streamers throughout the weekend and they will be supporting the charity and giving away prizes. We invite you to check them out.


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