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April 23, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

The Movement

Success is a journey Not a destination… was created to showcase the greatest form of entertainment to the world. With passion and drive to provide nothing but the best of the Gaming industry. Our goal is to create Movements Across the Globe for Gamers.  we are a symbol, a Idea, a Dream to follow your heart and hope it inspires the world to do the same. Video games are more than just something we play, its a way of life. The greatest form of art and we hope to entertain you as we let this website take us where ever our hearts go. If you are a Publisher, investor, developer, Journalist, gamer, or just reading this message. we want you to enjoy our journey with us as we can strive for excellence so do you. Game On

At 17 years old I started a workshop about music focusing on community building and my teacher let this be our weekly elective. it helped students share interest while discussing differences. At 19 I had the same workshops in various high schools around Massachusetts and New York. In my 20s colleges hired me to do lectures about my community building work. After 20 years today I explore ways not just with music and video games but technology as a whole to bring communities together in innovative ways. Send an email if you want to book or collaborate on a project in this Field. [email protected]

As a long time Video game player dating back to 1987, I have played well over a million hours in my life time. All the great creations have inspired ideas on what would make a great video game? Becoming a student of art and writing i have been putting together a GDD [Game design document] which is aiming to not make a game but revolutionize the entertainment industry as a whole. The focus is on doing what’s never been done while offering very familiar mechanics. I will be looking for publishers to present this project to but for now much will be kept secret until the day the game is officially being developed. Things that the game will offer are open world, solo or coop, a PvP competitive scene, dynamic world and story tying into many new elements never achieved in gaming before. Stay with me for more.

I have done hundreds of independent Esports events for the games i love and run official leagues with my website offering interactive stats, standings and more while doing live coverage events throughout season and playoffs. Exciting events to showcase games i personally love like NBA LIVE League. Lately I am considering joining a major esports organization but i will have to search the best fit for my brand and vision as a creator. Send your recommendations on who to look into.

Gamer Night is one of many event I host at venues across Boston and New York and its my personal favorite because it is family focused and so many memories with the children and families. While there are tournaments and prizes the whole event is playful and meant to bring people close together. I encourage video game studios to send swag as giving away cool gaming related prizes makes the kids really feel special. This event will live forever as its the most rewarding out of all i do. Free and for all ages Gamers night is for the players.

With Metal Gear there isn’t one person who knows me that doesnt know my undying love for the series. In the last couple years alone I have hosted tons of events, giveaways, charity and more all related to the MGS series. The best of them is the Metal Gear Solid Family show as i try to connect the millions of fans with the developers, voice actors and more. Join us and be a part of the family. Adding to it we have Kojima Death stranding giveaways and #MetalGear31st