smashET | A Game About Anxiety

smashET Monaural Beats & Anxiety Today, we’re talking about smashET. A game created by Winsche Studios, a UK-based indie game studio, focusing on discovering new possibilities and implementing them in our gaming experience. I’ve chatted with the studio’s founder, Adam Winczewski, who founded Winsche Studios in order to live out

LEGO The Incredibles

LEGO games have existed for a long time now and they’ve developed throughout the years — not overtly much, however, why change what works. Traveller’s Tales started their LEGO adventure with LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game, which became a MASSIVE hit, prompting, only a year later, its sequel, LEGO

Bi-Weekly Recommendation No.1

Bi-Weekly Recommendations is one time every other week where I’ll sit down and think about one to three games I’ve played that I want to recommend to you! My recommendation can be based on multiple reasons, ranging from an unbelievable price drop, a hidden gem, a classic, or other like-minded


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