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July 18, 2024

Movement Across the Globe


What is it like playing V rising as a New comer? We got answers below.




“I rarely play V rising genre games so they have to be interesting and well put together and this one is so I am glad I took a look. Feels like I will play this years down the line and with friends can be even more fun.

What is V Rising?

my V rising play starts at 3:10:00 in video above


I like V Rising, its a action role-playing survival game developed by Stunlock Studios and published by Level Infinite. A vampire survival game where the Day and Night cycle has big impact because as the fiction tells it vampires cannot be out in the sun (Much like gamers) so surviving becomes time based unless you create methods to survive like i did using the shade and found a way to still move and push forward in the sun light. The game has some Awesome PVP which I only tried a little but can tell there is a skill gap plus grind as jumping in same server is a cool addition. This game is well made from its head to its toes and I am sure the community will support and enjoy it. One cool thing that made me want to see more was the collaborations. Konami publisher gave us Castlevania which is a awesome extra cosmetics which I tried also. I believe games like this help build confidence in Indie games. I will keep this one short and say yes I recommend this its excellent boss design and challenging ARPG combat are fun times. Check out my video of my live stream of my first hours. enjoy. 


V Rising might be for you, check it out.

One Vampire at a time will rise. we will have coverage of the game so lock in here. you can stay tuned to our youtube and here for more gaming news. I will be dropping a Most anticipated games for 2024 soon. Stay tuned and thank you for reading. 




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