K Code Hub

MagGamer.com will have a 78 hour K code event showcasing all the talented gamers from a group called K code. The Konami KCode team is all about finding the best streamers and content creators under one roof so we can point the community their direction. There are some amazing contributors

GDC Playstation Guide

Every Gamer deserves to be at a Video Game event at some point in there lifes. Still GDC is more for the developers than anything, if your into that side of things I have you covered. Today I give you a guide to all things Playstation at GDC which begins

Lego of my Mine-craft

Lego of my Minecraft It is awkward when you inspire someone and they use that inspiration and create something amazing using your style of content. Later on you decide to come out with what you do in a new way using what your doppelganger alreasdy created. Hopefully your catching my


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Our goal is to unite the Art of gaming and make the world see that it is the greatest form of entertainment in the world.

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