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April 19, 2024

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Horizon Zero Dawn – A Love Letter – Video Games Evolution

A Love Letter

After I wrote this article I free styled a spoken word about one of the loves of my life, Spoiler alert I might be talking about video games. Lets watch the evolution of Video games as we reach our greatest heights with the great journey of the Release of Horizon Zero Dawn.

Horizon zero Dawn is one of the most anticipated games in 2017 and one of the main reasons why I am excited for the game has nothing to do with the awesome gameplay, the great narrative, or beautiful landscapes. There is so many element that make this game so intriguing for me and many others. What’s most intriguing to me is that Guerrilla Games well-known for the Killzone series. Who showed real confidence in putting out a PS4 Launch title called Killzone Shadow fall, which showcased Guerrilla Games technical experience and ability to adapted. That was in November 2013 bringing us a FPS they are well know for. Yet Guerrilla games was brave enough to get out of their comfort zone { KillZone } and be adventurous enough to take on a new challenge to create a game that is so beyond what they’re use to. Instead of first person they went into third person, instead of just a shoot them down game they went into full RPG elements, Instead of linearized gameplay they chose open-world. These things that I’m speaking can’t even begin to tell you the amazing parts of the game that they are developing called Horizon Zero Dawn but reason I’m writing this article is to talk about the amazing team in Guerrilla Games.

The reason why I’m so excited to speak about this is because companies normally want to keep leeching for more money with Copy and Paste franchise games that add new paint and a few extra gameplay features to make consumers continue to buy the product. Yet Guerilla Games Franchise game Killzone was a great success but they chose to do something completely different. They have to find themselves as developers again, { Aloy has to find herself } figure out who they are and what they’re made of, { Aloy must do the same in her journey } figure out their past, present and the future, { Aloy must learn her past, present and future. } They put it all on the line for the greater good of Gaming { Aloy fighting for the greater good of Mankind } Just like the story in Horizon zero Dawn where Aloy is searching for answers, Guerrilla Games is doing the same for our video game industry by taking a chance to creating something new, something different that they’re not used to, something different that we haven’t seen in many ways, with beautiful landscape and some awesome sci-fi machines to combined such an amazing experience in my hands on yet what I write about now excites me just as much.

My Question is does art imitate life or does life imitate art? These are the only questions I am asking when I speak about the Guerrilla Games Developers. I have yet to speak about the amazing design or gameplay that we are all overly excited to see. I am following more than just the Game, this is a beautiful inspirational adventurous Development team that is offering inspiration to the creative and the brave hearts. Just like Aloy’s story will be an empowering of a young female, Guerrilla Games is doing this for the Video Game Industry. I wanted to write this as a Valentine day Love letter to the whole Team at Guerrilla games. All of us Gamers, Journalist, Aspiring Game developers and those who create thank you for taking a risk and creating inspiration through creation. I love you and the world loves you for it.