Ascent: Infinite Realm – at first glance

A new MMORPG is coming around Q2 0f 2018.

Bluehole Studio Inc., better known for TERA, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has created this massive game: Ascent: Infinite Realm.

The game is now 60% completion as of November 2017.


Before we start digging deep into the game, we must (as always) know what is the basic PC requirement to play this game.


As the same for other MMORPG, exploration is one of its aspects.

What will make this game any different than others??

The developer has throw in 2 main mode of transport : aerial and ground mounts.

  • Aerial vehicles include airships,
  • animal-type mounts,
  • bike-type vehicles
  • mech
  • others (to be confirmed)

There is also transportation thru using a jetpack and a wingsuit.


If the game have a dragon mount, I would dive into the game immediately….


What makes this game even more interesting is its full front battle of land and air.

The game looks intense, look at those armadas of airship battling out……

As for ground war, never a dull moment….


This game looks promising and hopefully will engulf more players into it.




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