Call of Duty World League – Atlanta

Call of Duty Esports enters in 2017 with it’s first stop in Atlanta. Huge news broke out not too long ago with details of this years prize pool. While it is lower than last years total every player competing will receive three thousand dollars just for playing. Stage 1 & 2’s playoffs will have players fighting for another $500,000. Before grand finals a single team could take home 1.4 Million dollars before it’s all said and done. However they must win it all.

Atlanta isn’t done yet though, still working their way through winners and losers brackets the final round has yet to be decided. Optic Gaming has sent home Faze after another battle in their epic rivalry. However they still have to face Luminosity before making it to grand finals. So as of right now four teams remain. Luminosity, Optic, eUnited, and Team EnVyUs.

I will update this article as time progresses… So stay tuned for new about your winner of CWL – Atlanta




  • Optic beat out Luminosity and EnVyUs lost to eUnited! So our semi finals will be Optic vs. EnVyUs to determine who takes on eUnited for Finals!
  • Optic has taken down EnVyUs to secure their spot in finals.. eUnited and Optic will duke it out for the number one spot!
  • Optic pulls of the victory in the first best of five forcing another Best of 5!
  • eUnited takes game five to win the first stop of 2017 in Atlanta!
  • Gunless takes MVP



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