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June 15, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Defenses you can craft in MG Survive

MG Survive is introducing a lot of concepts foreign to Metal Gear, and while they may seem outlandish and not fitting to the series as some might think, there are some genuinely interesting things about Survive.

The Crafting system is adding on to the already huge arsenal of assets and mounted weaponry MGSV has but given them purpose and better utility.

The fact that you can place these where ever you see fit, means you can truly be creative with how you play the game and set up defenses.

And well some of them react in ways that is certainly a fresh take that has rarely been seen in games without it being scripted.

So here’s a few things you can craft.

The Fence.

This fence is probably one of the best things to use to block entry ways, and it has an interesting mechanic where the more.infected presses up against it, the more it will bend until finally toppling over

Mounted Gun

Finally these things feel useful for something, while in MGSV it felt rare to have to use the mounted guns, here in survive they will definitely be an asset worth using, though whether or not they have infinite ammo remains to be seen.

Barb wire blockade

Simpler obstructions will just slow them down slightly, and I’m certain the smaller wooden fence is the lower grade version of this, but this one will damage enemies while they try and get through it

Survive is going to have these and a few variations it seems though (at least from what i saw in the gameplay demo) so the variety is going to come from how your team uses them together.

All in all I’m hopeful for a co-op game with MGSV gameplay, the intense resource and injury management, might be the one thing that makes the game a truly fun yet challenging coop game.

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