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April 23, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Destiny 2 Reveal Tomorrow!

I’ve been anxiously waiting for this day for about a month or so and tomorrow it’s finally here. Bungie will live streaming the first gameplay reveal for Destiny 2. Expectations are high after the controversial life of the original Destiny, but so are hopes. Destiny 1 was a beautifully crafted game that began with a hefty amount of flaws.

In the earliest days of the game, I remember asking myself if Bungie had ever played an MMO style RPG because there were so many massive oversights in the amount of small touches this game had the potential to have. “Reskinning”, redundant weapon perks, like sniper rifles with max range stats having ballistic variations that added range, and debatably withheld content and misadvertised DLC. Though it had its problems, Bungie eventually got it mostly right and the game still deserves credit as an iconic staple of modern gaming.

With all that said I am ecstatic that we’ll be learning more about the epic sequel without having to wait until E3 this year. Whatever your opinion of Destiny 1, be sure to check back here tomorrow after the reveal to get the details on what to expect from the next installment.