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June 15, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Do We Finally Have a Mobile Battle Royale Worth Playing?

Rules of Survival is a third person Battle Royale style game developed by Netease Games. The game is available now in open beta for both IOS and Android.

The open beta first launched November 10th, 2017 and has had a few patches up until this point to help fix bugs mostly, as well as add new features to the game like in-game currency and loot crates. The Battle Royale system is known to most as a 100 player last man/team standing match, however Rules of Survival bumps the player count to 120.

Yes I’m going to say it, but Rules of Survival is literally a mobile PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The game features gear in the form of cosmetic clothing (this can be bought with in-game currency), armor (helmet or body armor), in game match clothing (like boots or pants) and backpacks which both are used to increase available inventory space. After being air dropped in, you have to search all over for all those and guns, gun attachments and ammunition.

You can walk, sprint (which the game does feature a “sprint lock” which allows you to lock your character into a sprint motion so you don’t have to continually hold the movement button to keep the character moving), crouch, prone and jump. You can even hide in bushes! Fortnite anyone?! Lol.

Rules of Survival also has a few vehicles available like a sports car and a motorcycle, but of course you need gas to keep them rolling. The in-game compass helps you make call outs to your team or even helps you locate gun fire, runners and even moving vehicles. The in-game open mic and text chat keep communication solid between both nearby players, teammates or just random players up for discussion.

The leaderboards even seem to work well, which is something I can’t say for Fortnite’s Battle Royale leaderboards (come on Epic Games). So competitive players can actually enjoy ranked matches and their stats they build off of every match. To top it off, the game is completely FREE! Even in-game currency is accessible and gained by just playing Battle Royale matches. Also Solos, Duos and Squad matches are all available for play.

It’ll definitely be interesting what features are to come for the future of Rules of Survival and if the open beta will ever see an end. I have currently won just one Solo match so far and looking to continue to play the game especially as more features begin to roll in. Have you played Rules of Survival yet? What’s your opinion on the game? Do you feel it’s a mobile PUBG too? Leave your comments below.

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