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July 18, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Ghost Recon Wildlands: More for Co-op than anything else

A huge drop of ghost recon videos happened after Ubisoft’s event that allowed many different outlets and YouTuber’s to capture raw footage of the game, and while a lot of the reception of the game has been fairly positive, one seem to be the most common.

This game is men’t to be played with friends

Not exactly surprising, but to a lot of ghost recon fans, and or single player Gamer’s, the fact the game will be mostly online and the experience of the single player being somewhat lesser than the multiplayer, will turn off a few people from the game.

my thoughts on it are that, its hard to balance a single player and coop experience, there will always be drawbacks, like in dead space 3 where co-op pretty much eliminated any for of horror that the game had left, while solo, was more like the dead space we know.

same can be said fro strictly coop games, like army of two, with the game being entirely built on the fact there’s multiple characters that can work off of each other, it just doesn’t have the same impact doing it with an AI partner than a real one.

unfortunately not everyone will be pleased with this one, especially the multiplayer focused Gamer’s since their is no actual multiplayer component, i for one am still excited about the game, and have been hoping for a truly free form coop experience that this is said to deliver.

It is Ubisoft though, so I’m not exactly holding my breath.

With the beta being announced for Friday, February 3rd, we wont have to wait long to get a hands on ourselves and hopefully clear an skepticism we may have.