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April 19, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

League Championships


Spring Splits have come to a close and were ready for playoffs!


In just three days on April 8th begins the quest for championships!  Here in the US, we have six teams that qualified for a contention.  Team Solo Mid, Cloud 9,  Phoenix 1, Counter Logic Gaming,  Flyquest, and Team Dignitas will all put everything on the line to come out victorious.  Records no longer matter, and every team has a shot for a Spring Championship.   I for one would love to see finals go all the way down to the wire, last second victory.  The odds of that are somewhat low, but it’s possible!  Games like that make for an exciting show.  People sitting on the edge of their seats or standing in awe at the action is what makes eSports a sight to behold.  My bet is on Cloud 9 though, on paper they seem like a team to beat.

Over across the pond in Europe, their playoffs start tomorrow April 6th.  We have Misfits, Splyce, H2K, Fnatic, G2 Esports, and Unicorns of Love all in the final bracket.   Roccat almost won a spot in the playoffs, after losing almost every game, they come back and won 6 in a row.  Roccat even took down the undefeated G2 Esports.  Fnatic was not about to loose their spot though as they fought their way through.  Losing their first game they needed to win out the rest of the series against Misfits.  In which they did…  rolling right through Misfits the next two games it was certain Roccat would be sent home as Fnatic moves on.  In EU I have Unicorns of Love taking everything and walking away victorious.


Over in Korea, the Korea Championship League is also having its playoffs start this week.  On April 7th we will see Afreeca Freecs battle MVP to move on.  Their brackets work a bit differently…  SK Telecom T1 are already in winners bracket finals.  Having the best record in the LCK has a major upside.  SK Telecom T1 only needs to play one Bo5 to win first place and walk home with a trophy.  However, if they lose they are stuck with second place, there are no bracket resets (I may be wrong about this).  Samsung Galaxy fights in second place facing the victor of kt Rolster’s game which their opponent will be determined by the MVP | Afreeca Freecs matchup.  I really don’t see anyone beating SK Telecom here.  They’ve been on top for years now with Samsung Galaxy closely following, but ultimately coming out without the victory.  SK Telecom have won worlds in 2013, 2015, & 2016 so be sure to watch them perform on April 22nd!

Everything can be watched over on LoLChampSeries