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May 25, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Metal Gear SurviVe Story, Co-op and Open Beta details

Welcome to my world,the Metal Gear series has shaped my whole life, mentality and more and today I write about a Spin-off. We will not dive into all the lore and 30 year history MGS offers but keep it up to date with current game. MGSV as a whole is Ground Zeroes, The Phantom Pain and now Metal Gear SurviVe as a spin-off experience for players to enjoy. Without going Metal Gear insane with backstory you get a whole new experience never before done with the series. A whole lot of Survival elements for gameplay and mechanics, from Oxygen, hunger, water, duration for armor and weapons to crafting items, defenses and survival utilities like water purification systems. There is a lot happening with Survival in this spin-off but the best part is that its using what I say is the greatest Gameplay engine to date Fox engine created MGSV The Phantom Pain in 15 and I don’t doubt that the gameplay experience for MGSurviVe will be just as fluid as ever but with SurviVal elements being the focus it will lead to intense moments throughout the game. Let’s take a few minutes to watch this video about the game.

As the video explains there is two modes, single player and Coop multiplayer, Everything you gain in one will transfer over to the other and vice versa. This is seriously going to be a lot of fun and I hope everyone comes and joins us for a 72 hour Co-Op marathon for the open Beta January 18th. See you all than but for now stay tuned right her at

METAL GEAR SURVIVE BETA Jan. 18-21st, 2018. The beta will include 3 missions across 2 maps in CO-OP mode & up to four players.
Participation Bonus items for players who make a character during the BETA!
• FOX HOUND Name Plate
• Accessory Metal Gear REX Head
• Accessory Bandana