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April 23, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Words from the street that there will be a XCOM look alike game coming in.

It’s better be good , especially coming from  a gang which include some former HITMAN lead members and another fugitive (designer) from PAYDAY.

I ain’t no wasting my time and precious “dough” on a dope game; better make sure the game is worth my time, or else…….

You’re telling me the game is different ?! Don’t you freaking lie to me.

I already knew that it is a turn-based tactical combat game, you telling me as if I never played XCOM before.

Duh……  No different from XCOM as the game also has real-time stealth to sneak and surprise the enemies.

Whoa…. You telling me the characters are all mutants (got duck-like and boar-like mutant)?? You gotta be kidding me??!!

You have my attention. I will get my men looking into it.

And if you heard anything new on the streets, I want to be the first to know.