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July 18, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

NBA Live 19 – The Grind up trailer

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Here at we love NBA LIVE series for the 24 years the series has innovated the basketball gaming scene and now we look to the next installment to provide some great NBA experiences as we go forward. The trailer is meant to represent the Grind up the Basketball latter weather you are a kid playing at a park, or high schooler looking to make get scouts to watch you, A college player learning how to carry your team or a drafted NBA Player the Grind up is difficult and only few can become Super Star icons. The series also is on The Grind up and it’s why I chose the Song “This is America by Childish Gambino as it represents the struggle of making it out of a tough situations. The rise isn’t easy and staying on the top is twice as hard. The visuals are cut up clips presenting first the NBA side of it than jumping into the Streets for Pro-am leagues. Next visually it goes to the brand new Global courts and shows off the amazing array of Sneakers and NBA LIVE offers premier gear every year. Overall the game looks great and I have a page just for all things NBA LIVE go check it out for the real deep dive into everything new.