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July 18, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

NBA playgrounds the revival of EA Big

NBA playgrounds is one of those games that give you a flash from the past taking events from NBA jam and 2k I would say it is something worth trying out. It feels like now a days basketball games have been trying to take themselves serious over the last few years. So it is refreshing when we receive a NBA game that those not take itself serious. A game you can play with friends kick back and just have fun with.

The game is based on 2v2 having those crazy dunks and alley-op passes. It’s hilarious to see a big head James Harden. The game included cross overs and power ups different power ups give the player different abilities.

It includes various different modes like exhibition which is just pick up game, tournament mode, online play, and earning cards. Tournament mode reminds me of pro-am mode in NBA live.

You start off in one part of the world let’s say New York in Rucker park for starters. Then you will defeat other NBA players climbing up the ranks until you defeat all players from that court then as you rank up you begin to unlock new opponents in others parts of the world facing off in other courts.

There is also a player progression system that rewards you with card packs that give you new players as well as epic players with unique dunks.

I am excited to see a game like this being released in hopes to bring back ea big would be a god send. Especially now with the Nintendo switch being portable and the likes of NFL street hopefully to make a return. This could mean the hopes of sport games going e-sports. One could only wish.