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July 18, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

New Tank Hero Orisa Charges Into Battle

Orisa, a centaur-like omnic tank, is the latest member to join the ever-growing roster of Overwatch. After being teased for a couple of weeks, 11-year old genius inventor, Efi Oladele, finally took to her workshop to finish her newest project. Built from destroyed OR15 defense bots, Orisa was created to protect Numbani, and of course her creator, Efi, from harm. Her origin story is embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

As of writing, Orisa is available on the Public test Realm (PTR). She should see a release sooner than later. I predict she’ll be ready for release by 15 March at the latest.

Her abilities are as follows:

  • Fusion Driver

    Primary fire, automatic projectile canon. Slows movement when in use.

  • Fortify

    Temporarily reduces damage taken. Nullifies action-impairing effects (Eg: Reinhart’s ultimate).

  • Halt

    Launches a mini graviton charge which Orisa can then detonate, slowing and pulling nearby enemies to the center (Imagine a mini Zarya ultimate. This could be very crucial to the meta).

  • Protective Barrier

    Orisa throws out a stationary barrier that prevents projectile damage (Similar to Reinhart’s barrier but stationary).

  • Supercharger

    Orisa deploys a device that boosts ally damage; Allies must be withing Orisa’s line of sight. (Picture Symmetra’s shield generator but for damage).

You can watch Jeff Kaplan take you through Orisa and the path to release in the newest developer update which I have included below.

For everything Overwatch, Maggamer has you covered.

And remember, the world could always use more heroes.