Overwatch Season 4 Now Live

Patch 2.05 is now live and has ushered in the start of the new competitive season, this time centered on Hanamura.

The patch also brings in a slew of balance changes, with the most notable gracing our turreted friend, Bastion. I feel these changes are worth mentioning:

Configuration: Sentry

  • Increase to magazine size (from 200 to 300)
  • Bullet Spread increased, always at maximum
  • No crit damage

Configuration: Recon

  • Bullet spread decreased
  • Magazine size increased (from 20 to 25)

Configuration: Tank

  • No bonus armor


  • Can be used while moving
  • Not interrupted by taking damage
  • Is resource based, recharges when not in use

New Passive

  • Takes 35% less damage in sentry or tank configuration

Mercy has also received a few changes, the main one being that she is now invulnerable when she casts her ultimate.

On top of all that, the new patch has introduced the game browser, meaning that every player is able to create their own custom game with their own parameters, customizing ability cooldowns alongside other ways to create a unique mode.

Finally, back after popular demand, Capture the flag has taken up permanent residence in Overwatch’s arcade section. You can read the full patch notes here.

Let us know how season 4 is treating you thus far and what you think of all the balance changes in the comments below.

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