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April 19, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

This Is the Police 2 is set to be released in 2018: bringing back the first game’s unique gameplay and dark story but this time going from the well-known and popular big-city police stories to Lilly Reed: a newly-appointed sheriff in the cold frontier town of Sharpwood.

Their newest gameplay trailer has just released, so let’s have a look!

I think it’s fair to say that the game looks cuttingly-sharp! Of course, the near-geometric art style gives the graphics a sharpness — and edge, so to say: literally contrasting the shadows from the base colour. And I love the way they keep the 2D-esque/ geometric art style in the more 3D parts of the game: the driving to the destination and the actual mission. It gives the game a “complete” feel to it.

Surely, you can hear I’m already in love with the way the game looks. But I think it’s important that a game looks good. Not to say that graphics are the be-all-end-all, however, if I’m going to spend upwards of ten hours or more on a game, I would like it to look nice. And This Is the Police 2 doesn’t — not even in the slightest — disappoint me! The first game looked great. This only looks better. Moreover, I think the added gameplay feature: allowing the player to take control of the actual situation and not just play the hand of a “limited God” just hoping for the best, is a good decision.

As decisions are a main part of the gameplay and story, it’s important that the player is in control: thus avoiding the classic saying: “I could’ve done it better myself”. I know I’d be more willing to accept the flaunts of my ingenious plan if I were the person actually carrying out the plan — to which it might fail, but then, it would be all me.

TL;DR / start

The game features an incredibly sharp art style: contrasting shadows and base colour, and the game now allows the player to take full control and own their mistakes and victories!

TL;DR / end

This Is the Police 2 will be released on nearly all platforms, ranging from PC/Mac to PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One family, to last, the Nintendo Switch. Both the first game and its sequel were developed by Weappy Studio and published by THQ Nordic.

Check out their website: Weappy Studio to find out more about the game! (this will bring you to the game’s page)

Or check out THQ Nordic’s website: THQ Nordic.

This Is the Police (the first game) combined strategy and management genre with tense action and rich story to create a beautiful and artistically stunning game featuring the nitty-gritty truth of a nearly retired cop, fighting both crime but also a stack of bills: verging on the path of criminality himself — however, how corrupt the Police Chief, Jack Boyd would get, would be up to the player.

It was the story of the good, the bad, and the ugly where your ultimate goal was to make $500.000 in 180 days while also managing your police force and keeping the city safe. The fate of Jack Boyd was up to the player’s decisions, and the player had to make a lot: whether it was to respond to emergencies, staffing the police station, dealing with the mafia, or fighting his own demons.

According to my source, This Is the Police 2 will feature many of the mechanics of the first game while also adding new mechanics: switching the game to a “new” turn-based combat mode system. Every challenge and every decision will, ultimately require the player’s undivided attention.

You’ll have to adapt to overcome the many challenges you’ll be facing if you decide to pick up This is the Police 2.

But if you like this kind of tension: gripping either your mouse, controller, or Switch with an iron grip. Every heartbeat defined as you wait for the result of your, possibly, fatal decision. Each day a new decision, and following is the inevitable consequences.

Are you ready?

Well, let me know in the comments below if you are!


Frederik Becker 

[email protected]