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July 18, 2024

Movement Across the Globe


What reasons would someone name Rise of the Ronin Game of the Year 2024? We got answers below.

This article will be updated anytime new news comes out for Rise of the Ronin lock in here. I offer the introduction of the story, gameplay, enemies, and more. for what we know so far, this article has you covered. Let’s get into it, and enjoy the read.



In 2024 there is plenty amazing games and there is something for everyone, What Rise of the Ronin did was offer a true japanese Ronin story and gameplay to perfection. My Martial Artist background has made me a historian of Japanese culture and this game settings was exactly what a intriguing plot can offer plus gameplay is some of the best Combat we seen in all of gaming. Team Ninja really is King of Combat.

The Experience of what its like be a witness of the Rise of the Ronin

What a time

I want to start off with Team Ninja and how they have always been King of Combat, with games like Dead or alive series, Ninja gaiden series, Nioh series. I think everyone knows they are masters of combat in games but I didn’t expect for them to surpass that with a high level action RPG in Rise of the Ronin. I tend to put games on the hardest difficulty to test myself and get more skillful with ROTR (Rise of the Ronin) I would jump out my seat when a enemy would do some amazing attacks towards me and that is rare someone says WOW when being attacked. What was even more exciting is I can beat that enemy and get their combat style to fight like them. This loop from the start hooked me into it deeper than ever as I roamed the open world to find new combat styles by hunting fugitives. I really feel that along made me lock in to explore much more as their are tons of other things to look for also. Adding to that there is Romantic options which at first my thoughts were I am here to be a ronin I careless about relationship building but come to find out those relationships offer unique rewards only found through them plus more combat styles. These features along offer tons of hours of good times hunting fugitives and doing side missions for bond building relationships. This is just open world aspects we will get deeper into things below. Note my Guides will be featured of you end up needing some help. Enjoy.

I have yet to even talk about the story and no worries I will not spoil anything here. As a Twin Blade your whole life is combat based but now you are tied into Japan civil war for many reasons. One being your twin who you are looking for, during this time you are building bonds with different factions. Your choices effect the plot and rewards you get so as someone who wants to get every combat style and item things get tricky. A very wild moment is when I kept preaching to one person to do the right thing and the choices they made really impacted the story and made me feel guilty as a influenced them to maybe get hurt along the way. This small side plot made me more invested in the bigger plot in which Japan rulers are fighting for power, Shogun vs anti shogun plus Europeans and americans looking to invade also. The setting is masterful and our support will tip the scale on one side or the other. During my live streams my viewers explained how they chose different than me and I understood but was committed to my support for anti shogun as they wanted to being balance and not have a ruler controlling things. I seen anti shogun weren’t without flaws also so it became its own plot also. Many little details changing everything as I went along felt like it was a tug of war on my support. Top that off with my Twin I been searching for making everything even more complicated. This game story is beyond underrated but I won’t talk much more as spoilers will be needed. lets dive into some cool features below. 

There are many features I love about this game but first thing I will say is simple things like Quality of life, no need to worry about finding items to respec, no need to worry about missing out on things with story making you pick sides there is a feature called Testament of the souls which allows you to replay any part you want to redo, bond missions that allow you to fix broke relationships, new challenges and so much more plus a midnight mode which is a even harder difficulty that is awesome because in the open world for midnight mode all bosses are modified and spread around different areas so instead of fighting the original fugitives in one area they will have 3 story bosses there instead. Making it a new experience and very challenging. I was surprised by how well done this was and hope they use this feature more often. Note this isn’t a new game plus as maybe that will come later its close to it but more convenient because you get to select what you want to replay rather than starting fresh you keep everything just replay at your pace.  It has so many great aspect I might have to send you all to my review at the start of this video breaking down a few things there. Below i will say my last words.  




What will become of Rise of the Ronin?

I want more content from this game as if that wasn’t clear, Word is its been a success finically making good profits so we will see but as we know Team Ninja has Nioh, Ninja gaiden and DOA series all waiting for a new installment. Hard to say what will happen but I discuss it on my video and want this post to inspire more discussions in the community. What is certain is I have played all the biggest and best titles of 2024 and while anyone can name others as their favorites, I also can name ROTR my favorite. I like to separate favorites from the Game of the year topic. Your favorite doesn’t equal GOTY in my opinion. I can make a case that ROTR can go blow for blow with all the GOTY candidates of 2024. Popularity might sway maybe to believe others are overall better but as someone who whole life is based on gaming all these great games I have Rise of the Ronin as one of the best of 2024. Here is to a possible future for the series in DLC or Sequel. Until than enjoy the game and use my guides if you need help. See you in Japan Ronins.



Hope this overview helped you make your choices, I will be doing Let’s Plays, Guides, review of this one so lock in with me on both my channels, Below. 


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