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July 18, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Weekly Featured Cosplayers: Cide and Léonard

Cide as Ciri

For this week’s featured cosplayers, we’re pleased to introduce you to Cide and Léonard. Both have been cosplaying for several years, and both are extremely talented in creating their cosplays, and portraying their favorite characters!




Cide as Ciri

Cide’s journey through cosplay started in 2010, where she purchased an already made costume of D. Gray Man’s Road Kamelot, in which she used as a group cosplay with some friends. For her first handmade costume, she accepted a challenge, by choosing to do Erza from the anime Fairy Tail; a cosplay that includes big wings and a lot of armor.

She always enjoyed dressing as characters. In her house, she had a big box filled with costumes that she’d often play with. So when attending her first convention, and noticing all of the impressive armor and beautiful dresses, she knew that it was something she wanted to do.

For Cide, the best part of cosplaying is the creation of the costumes. She enjoys learning new techniques and trying out new materials.

So far, her favorite cosplay has been Lagertha from Vikings, as that’s her all-time favorite character, and she really loved working with leather and chains. In the future, Cide plans to expand on this cosplay with a new armor. She also plans to do a Kitty Pryde from ­X-men, Wonder Woman, and Cerys or Saskia from The Witcher.

Outside of cosplaying, Cide sometimes LARPs and loves to snowboard and travel.

Wanna see more of Cide’s cosplay? She’s on both Instagram and Facebook!

Léonard as Noctis

Léonard was once a shy boy who enjoyed video games and had dreams of becoming a hero; so upon landing on a cosplayer’s profile on DeviantArt and falling in love with the displayed pictures, he alongside his brother, decided to embark on the project, and become the hero he wanted to be. Fortunately, the siblings had the support of their mother, and that same year, attended the biggest French convention.

2009 marks the very beginning of Léonard’s cosplaying, where he dressed as Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy: Advent Children. Although the cosplay lacked details, make-up, and a proper wig, it’s still a cosplay that Léonard loves. So much so, that a revamped version will be making an appearance in 2018.

Léonard’s costumes are completely handmade, and he has cosplayer friends that lend a hand and offer tips during rushed times. He enjoys putting the hours of work into his costumes, and being able to finally portray a character.

In the future, he has plans to cosplay as Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist or Terra from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. His dream cosplay though is Gabranth from Final Fantasy XII, and he hopes for it to happen in the next year.

Léonard enjoys more than just cosplaying though. He’s also a horse rider and has been since the age of six. He also loves spending days with his dogs, art, photography and entertainment sources such as films and video games.

Interested in seeing more of Léonard’s cosplays? You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Photo Credits for Cide as Ciri: P&S Photography Cosplay