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July 18, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Weekly Featured Cosplayers: Elli and Rey

Elli as Aloy

This week we would like to introduce you to two more talented cosplayers — Elli and Rey!






Elli as Maya the Siren

In the summer of 2014, Elli dived into the world of cosplay, but that didn’t mark the beginning of her journey. For a half a year prior to that, she dedicated a lot of her time to research and learning how to sew. Now, 90% of Elli’s cosplays are completely made by her!

Elli’s very first cosplay was a genderbent version of Portgas D. Ace from the anime One Piece. But since then, she’s thrown on the appearance of many other characters, such as Triss from The Witcher series, Maya the Siren from Borderlands, and her personal favorite, Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn. Thanks to the amazing community, Elli has developed a lot of friendships while dressed as Aloy.

Outside of cosplaying, Elli can be found playing video games!

Interested in seeing more of Elli’s cosplays? She can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch!

Rey as Prompto

Rey has been cosplaying since 2008, but didn’t start creating their own costumes until around 2011. Some costumes are made entirely from scratch, while others are clothes purchased from thrift shops and then altered. Their very first hand-made costume was of a Volcaloid named Len Kagamine from the Synchronicity video. In the future, Rey plans on remaking that cosplay in order to show a side-by-side image of their progression.

Their main inspiration into the world of cosplaying was due to their friends encouragement, but Rey ended up staying for the community and how it made them feel. For Rey, cosplaying makes them feel alive and it makes them feel most like themselves, especially when cosplaying with friends.

There’s a lot of Yu-gi-oh in the future for Rey’s cosplays. They also plan on portraying Munto from Ova Munto, and Daisuke Niwa from DNAngel; both are favorite animes of theirs.

Outside of cosplaying, Rey enjoys the build-it-yourself Gundams, as it keeps them busy and provides a sense of satisfaction after completing them. Rey also enjoys video games and writing, but cosplay still dominates their life.

Do you like Rey’s cosplay and want to know more? You can find them on Instagram and Twitter!

Photo Credits for Elli as Aloy: Cyberhead Designs

Photo Credits for Elli as Maya: Eagle-Shadou Costume Art

Photo Credits for Rey as Prompto: Julia