PUBG Mobile

It has been a hectic day. Feels like the urge to taste blood has becoming more intense. Luckily, PUBG Mobile comes into play to quench my thirst for blood. Simple as the game may seen, you can feel the intensity as you gained high level. You smirked at the first


  What a time to be alive. Those familiar with Super Robot Wars franchise from Bandai Namco will know what I am saying. SUPER ROBOT WARS X  will be available on 26.4.2018 and boy, does it brings back old memories. To add cherry on top, the game itself is enhanced

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Words from the street that there will be a XCOM look alike game coming in. It’s better be good , especially coming from  a gang which include some former HITMAN lead members and another fugitive (designer) from PAYDAY. I ain’t no wasting my time and precious “dough” on a dope game; better make sure


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