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Monster Hunter World Beta: My Thoughts

Now that the Monster Hunter World beta has passed and it’s just a tad over a month until the title’s official launch date, I’d like to speak about my overall experience with the beta. Now to throw it out there I’ve personally been playing Monster Hunter since the PlayStation 2

The Definition of ‘RPG’

About ten years ago, I was the kind of gal that felt the need to prove my video game cred, so on my personal sites I’d list my favorite games in my profile. One time I got a message from a guy that said, ‘Hey, do you play anything other

Toy Story World Joins Kingdom Hearts 3

This past weekend was an exciting time for both Disney fanatics and gamers – D23 Expo, held at Anaheim’s Convention Center, gave us a peek at the Mary Poppins reboot, scenes from Avengers: Infinity Wars, another look into Insomniac’s Spiderman game, and of course, what a lot of people have


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