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July 18, 2024

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Why Monster Hunter: World Should Be On Your Gamer Radar

Monster Hunter: World is a third person action RPG and the latest installment in the Monster Hunter series coming January 26th, 2018. The game is published and developed by Capcom. Check out a recent TGS 2017 trailer on the title below:

Monster Hunter: World TGS 2017 Trailer:

The game will feature a seamless open world experience (new to the title) and 4-player co-op online. Capcom recently unveiled the campaign’s storyline a bit and the currently showed gameplay footage showcases more of the upcoming treats that will have any new or old Monster Hunter player stoked. Lets go through a few of these goodies, shall we.

First and foremost, I’ve personally been playing the Monster Hunter franchise since it’s first debut on the PlayStation 2. The game over the years both on console and on handheld has continually increased in gameplay quality, easily making this game worth anyone’s time. You can always count on Capcom to add more items, weapons, armor, monsters, maps and gameplay mechanics with every new installment of the title.

The Monster Hunter franchise has always featured both a campaign and multiplayer experience, both featuring a large number of timed objective based quests. These objectives can range from killing a monster to capturing it or even consist of collecting a certain amount of a particular item. The game also features a special or optional objective that will add a greater reward at the completion of your quest.

In the past solo quest were taken on alone with no AI partners. Later, Palicos were added giving the player a team to not only assemble but also to train and equip with both armor and weapons. Each time the Palicos go on quest with you, they gain experience which helps them unlock more special abilities that will benefit you on your future quest.

The environment and maps were never delivered as they are in Monster Hunter: World. Maps where divided into sections and traveling section to section required the game to stop and load you into the next section. In Monster Hunter: World the map operates as a whole, allowing for seamless travel and gameplay. Oh yeah OG Hunters, that means no more losing items to the pesky section’s borderlines.

The environment is more alive than ever before. You can now see monsters feeling more natural in their habitats and more aggressive towards invading enemy monsters. This means no more bad past game interactions between the monsters. They hunt to feed their young, fight to protect themselves and even their territory.

Also Capcom gave us a look at the cause and effect of a Diablos exiting the sandy grounds to surprise attack the hunters. Instead of there just being some sand pushed around through the air, the Diablos left a big hole in the ground in which you or other monsters can fall through into an underground cave. Now hunters never take fall damage but the monsters do. This new feature brings some interesting new forms of strategy and even makes me question if the pitfall traps (that haven’t been shown off yet in any Monster Hunter: World gameplay) now create the same effect to the ground as the Diablos did, seeings how the pitfall traps were made to trap monsters in a hole in the ground. Will the mechanic remain for the pitfall traps or will it actually drop the monster into a lower level area of the map?

Capcom has also showcased two other additions to the hunter’s arsenal. First are the fireflies which are used to help you track the monster(s) that your questing for. They are apparently capable of picking up the scent of the monster and help you quickly track and locate it.

Next is the cape as I’d like to call it. It’s still a question to me if the cape comes in varieties or variations or is it a one does everything ordeal? Is it active camouflage or just a means to capture air or both? I’ve personally seen in one video it looked as if the hunter used it as camouflage to avoid being seen by the larger monster, but I also seen a video where the cape was used to (after jumping off a ledge) capture air to glide to mount the top of the monster. Whether used for both camouflage and catching air or atleast capturing air, the cape seems very beneficial and can add some more game plans to the mix.

Besides some of these added gameplay mechanics, the graphics have finally been on a competitive level, as all past entries were either below average or just average. The franchise is finally getting the graphical edge it so definitely deserves in my opinion, making Monster Hunter: World just an amazingly great looking game to add to its new gameplay mechanics.

All the above and more are all reasons to keep Monster Hunter: World on your gaming radar. The question now is, are you ready? How do you feel about the title? Are you looking to get your first swing at the franchise or just a returning hunter? What are a few things your looking forward to on your adventures in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

Remember Monster Hunter: World will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One January 26th, 2017. The game will also release at a later time for the PC. For more on Monster Hunter: World and everything gaming, keep it locked right here on MagGamer.