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May 25, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

A Pic-Toe-Death Game

During your school years, did drawing in class ever cross your mind? You know maybe during those long boring lectures or even just because drawing was your thing and you enjoyed doing that more than paying attention to the teacher. What if your drawings could all come to life in the ultimate battle to the death?! Well exclusively for the PlayStation 4, by the developers at both Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency and Sony Interactive Entertainment San Diego Studio such a game will come to life. Drawn to Death is a third person shooter/brawler in an arena setting. The game is entirely multiplayer and pits you in free for all or team based matches with 4 players max. The game seems to be fast paced and involves character special abilities, guns and melee weapons. I don’t know if certain playable characters are restricted to certain mobility, but playable characters were seen running, sliding, shooting, melee attacking, jumping off of walls and even summoning the teenager’s hand (a hand holding a pencil, believed to be the teenager behind all the drawn up madness) to then pencil stab a near by enemy. The entire game does revolve around the teenager and what he has drawn up in his notebook, so both playable characters and the map layouts resemble drawings from a notebook. It was actually cool to see one video revealing the sky of one playable map filled with letters and words as if there was a piece of paper in the sky filled with readable notes from the teenager. However it is unclear if the idea of the teenager having creative control of what you see as playable maps, is or is not an indication that playable maps or even playable characters will randomize or periodically generate as you play. If this in fact is the case, it would be pretty interesting to see how many variations of maps and characters can be generated over time. However if this is not a factor, was it even an idea considered by the developing teams or may it be considered by the teams in the future? I personally think it would be a cool feature, however lets keep it up for discussion for all you readers in the comments. Drawn to Death is slated for a April 2017 release exclusively on the Sony PlayStation 4. For more information on Drawn to Death be sure to keep it locked right here on MagGamer.