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June 15, 2024

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Andromeda will have the structure of a Mass Effect Game so it will not be Open World

Mass Effect fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting for anything new related to Andromeda, well thanks to the Official Xbox Magazine Interview with producer Michael Gamble we now know that Mass Effect will not be open world.

Instead it seems like it will follow the similar formula of previous Mass Effects, you get plenty of exploration and freedom in past games, though this time it will be more similar to the first mass effect.

You could compare it to the open sections with a truck in Uncharted 4 which means that fans are still in for an amazing story telling experience that mass effect is known for.

Here is a more direct quote relayed by Gamesradar

“I definitely wouldn’t call Andromeda an open-world game,” Gamble said. “We like to use the term ‘exploration-based game’. You still have the concept of tight story deliverance and all the great things you come to expect with Mass Effect. The layer on top of that is a layer of exploration. Sometimes that happens in open spaces, but not always. You can cruise around some of these planets in the Nomad, but it’s not the traditional sandbox-type game.”


Mass Effect Andromeda comes out on March 21, stay on MagGamer for more info.