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July 18, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Competitive Is Going To Require Dedication

Theres always been this divide when it comes to how competitive should work in Overwatch.

People bring up alot of different things like maybe having the competitive playlist only being available on certain times of the day, or even dividing teams and solo players into seperate queues, to even changing how the ranking system works.

Well there was an issue that people brought up, that players were playing at certain times of the day where no alot of high level players were playing so they got easy games and ranked up, and that there were people leveling up multiple accounts and just playing one game a week to stay at the spot longer.

So because of that, blizzard changed the amount of time you need to play so you dont go down in rank for season 4.

Now keep in mind this only applies for people in Diamond or higher.

So now you will be required to play atleast one game per day.

If you dont your rank will slowly decay and you will lose your position.

While that may sound a little demanding, Blizzard has also stated that the rank you lose is more visual than something that affects match making.

So you will still be getting paired with high level players, which makes it easier for you to climb back up to the spot you were at.

However theres a factor to this that came to my mind.

Would that make the players you go against lose even more rank than normal if they lose against you?

If something like that is capable of happening then we have an even bigger can of worms being opened.

Regardless, it looks like your going to have to be more dedicated if you expect to stay in grandmaster now.

Let’s see if this sticks, which is doubtful because we know that blizzard is fine with changing things alot.