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April 19, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

Blizzard Continues to show no Hesitation when it comes to Changing Hero’s

Looks like blizzard hasn’t felt like toning down the amount of changes to the game, in fact they don’t seem worried with making drastic changes to Hero’s.

To start things off the change that has gotten the biggest attention is the change to ana, support players claim it is basically.making her not as fun to play, because not only will her biotic grenade be nerfed, her main gun will also be nerfed.


Biotic Grenade


Impact Damage reduced from 60 to 30


Impact Healing reduced from 100 to 50


Biotic Rifle 80 to 60


Support players got payed close attention to this because it made it seem like blizzard would rather supports be played in a less skilled way like mercy where you don’t really need to aim, just point in a general direction and heal, and the only thing you have to worry about is your positioning in relation to the enemy team, so you can kinda see where the players are coming from.


I somewhat think the healing grenade should be knocked down a bit, but never by that much, 75 health would’ve been much better, and the damage her gun does, i don’t see why that needed to be changed either, though the nerf is much more lenient with this, so it might not be that bad.


The next change is actually to the new hero Orisa, despite her not even being released yet, she is already getting things changed to her kit.


Fusion Driver


Magazine Decreased from 200 to 150




Cost increased by 15%


Apparently her gun had a bit too much ammo, Orisa essentially being a hybrid tank with a lot of long range abilities and even weapon, it makes sense why they would make her have to reload more frequently.


And the change to the cost of her Ultimate also makes sense since she can charge it more easily than other tanks.


So i guess we’ll see how this works on PTR.


Junk Rat gets a buff that makes sense for his character.


He will no longer hurt himself from his own explosions.


He can already use his mine without taking damage so it just makes sense for this change to happen as well.


Though be prepared to see junk rats using his ultimate right in front of you and detonating it point blank.


Sombra will be more capable of stealth with her changes.


Her voice line for going in and out of stealth has had its audible range reduced by 15 meters.


Cooldown reduced from 6s to 4s


So now sombra is going to be great for getting in and out of places and being able to do what she does best.


Winston has gotten a better chance of survival by having his shield cool down activate immediately when he places the shield instead of only when it gets destroyed.


 The last change on the list is for Zenyatta.


He’s had his alternate fire have a quicker recovery time as it’s been reduced  from 1.0s to 0.6s


And his orb of discord can now go through barriers.


I’m not exactly fond of this one, since i just don’t think it makes sense, or that Zenyatta needs that type of buff.


His orbs are can change an outcome of a fight, and if his main fire can’t go through barriers since it is also energy, then i don’t see why the rest of his discord should.

What do you think of these changes for the PTR, do you think they will stick, or be changed before official release, let us know.