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April 19, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

CWL 2017 World Champions

The Green Wall cement’s their legacy…





In epic fashion all year long Optic has dominated pretty much every stop this year.  CWL Champs this year was a tough road for them, but they didn’t give up.  Their dreams came true this Sunday.  Having to take two series away from  they won the first 3-1.  Envy didn’t look like they were playing with the same intensity as before.  Optic I suppose was just that good.  Because the boys in blue gave it everything they got to defend their reign at the top. @OpTic_FormaL, @OpTic_Scumper, , and worked together making sure they would walk away legends.  They all stepped up to make the necessary plays to obtain the glory of being champions.  To every team out there… WW2 is right around the corner.  Back to the roots, boots on the ground.  Next year is a different monster.  A new game to master and be the best players to win the CWL in 2018.  A big shout out to @MLG @Activision @PlayStation and all the other sponsors that put on a great production.  Amazing job, @CouRageJD  @MattMrX  and every other caster this past week that brought us hype in the epic moments, live analytics, stats, strats, and great memories.  All live footage from this past week is available here on YouTube courtesy of MajorLeagueGaming.