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June 15, 2024

Movement Across the Globe

CWL – Dallas

CWL Dallas has come to a thrilling conclusion!

Optic Gaming wins another championship this time in Dallas, Texas.  What a final though EUnited vs Optic had many wondrous plays, providing edge of your seat theatrics throughout the entire series.  Two best of fives were held to determine the victor as EUnited took the first set after mounting a successful reverse sweep comeback on Optic Gaming.  The first best of five was concluded with a Round 11 Search and Destroy match that ended in EUnited’s favor of course.


EUnited almost reverse swept Optic again for the second time.  Having gone down 2-0 EUnited needed to win out every game once again to walk away in first place.  Wow, did they put on a show in that third game!  Uplink on Throwback… Optic somehow was down 6-1 and mounted an insane comeback to tie the game in regulation.   Then in overtime EUnited took the decisive victory with @Prestini leading a charge to make sure Optic didn’t have a chance.  This allowed @SlLLY to make the one point toss giving EUnited the much-needed boost of momentum going into Game 4.  Which was a won by a landslide… Hardpoint on Retaliation was a major victory for EUnited @Arcitys, @i2Gunless, @SlLLY, & @Prestini all put on the pressure to make sure they had the lead and it stayed with them till the end.  It set them up for a second possible reverse sweep.   @OpTicGaming didn’t want any part of that, though.  Scorch Search and Destroy was map 5.  That was a blowout EUnited was not able to take a single round off Optic as @OpTic_DKarma decided it was time to focus going 11-1 himself to aid the team in their decisive victory.  So, in conclusion, Optic wins their second CWL event in a row, making them the #1 contenders for this year’s Call of Duty World League Champs.  However, don’t count out any of the other teams @FaZeClan took home third at this event and @Splyce was sent home with fourth, and you now know @eUnitedgg can contend with the best (if you didn’t know already from CWL – Atlanta).